Inconvenience of Commercial Flying – New TSA Rules!

It happened again – a near disastrous event on-board a commercial flight – Northwest flight 253 on Christmas Day.  Not only is it tremendously scary to fly with so many other passengers that you know absolutely nothing about but, on top of the safety issues, it is becoming more and more inconvenient.  Private aviation critics have argued that the expense of flying by private jet is without warrant but Exquisite Air Charter begs to differ, as we know that a safe return to your family has no price tag.  Furthermore, we offer many options to make private jet charter very affordable!

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How Much Does It Cost?

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New and Inconvenient Commercial Flight Rules

After the Christmas Day scare the commercial airlines, commercial airport terminals and the TSA wasted no time in imposing new rules, procedures and protocols.  Almost all of them are guaranteed to make your next trip to a commercial airport and your next commercial flight experience even worse than you’ve already experienced but did you know that most technology being used at commercial airport security screening checkpoints is not able to recognize PETN or other chemical explosives.  What’s even worse is after Richard Reid’s incident with the attempted shoe bombing, we were all then required to take off our shoes and put them on the conveyor belt. Sounds good, except we’ve already concluded that most of those machines can’t recognize chemical explosives.

Here’s a little more information:

For all U.S.-bound aircraft originating in a foreign country (this also includes Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands):

  • Passengers will not be able to leave their seat approximately one hour prior to landing (this includes trips to the restroom).
  • There will be no PA announcements regarding the position of the aircraft or landing announcements.
  • You will be allowed only one carry-on item and you cannot access it during the one-hour period prior to landing. This also includes magazines, newspapers, books and personal electronic devices.
  • All pillows and blankets will be collected one hour prior to landing. Flight crews are being told to stow the blankets and pillows in the galleys and not in the overhead compartments.
  • All on board in-flight entertainment systems will be disabled (these are the systems that usually show the electronic map on the screens and the aircraft position).

Proving Private Jet Charter to be cost efficient:


Accessing communities with little or no airline service.
Business aviation serves ten times the number of communities (more than 5,000 airports) served by commercial airlines (about 500 airports) This means business aviation can allow companies to locate plants or facilities in small towns or rural communities with little or no commercial airline service. Since nearly 100 communities have lost airline service in the past year, this is important.

Reaching multiple destinations quickly and efficiently.
Companies that need to reach multiple destinations in a single day may elect to use business aviation, because that type of mission could be hard or impossible to complete with other modes of transportation.

Supporting the travel needs of many types of company employees.
An NBAA survey revealed that 72% of passengers aboard business airplanes are non-executive employees. Companies often send teams of employees to a given destination because it is the most cost-effective means of transport.

Moving equipment.
When companies need to immediately move sensitive or critical equipment, business aviation is often the best solution.

Ensuring flexibility.
Business people don’t always know in advance where or when opportunities will present themselves.  In today’s business environment, companies need to be nimble enough to move quickly.  Business aviation provides flexibility for companies that need to ensure employees can respond to changing demands and circumstances.

Increasing employee productivity and providing security.
Business aviation is a productivity tool – when traveling aboard business aircraft, employees can meet, plan and work en route. Business aviation also allows employees to discuss proprietary information in a secure environment and without fear of eavesdropping, industrial espionage or physical threat.

Keeping in contact.
Many aircraft have technologies that allow employees to remain in communication throughout the duration of their flight. This can be critical for companies managing a rapidly changing situation.

Providing a return to shareholders.
Studies have found that businesses which use business aviation as a solution to some of their transportation challenges return more to shareholders than companies in the same industry that do not utilize business aviation.

Schedule Predictability.
Over 3 percent of all commercial airline flights are cancelled.  Nearly one quarter are delayed. Today, because of record load factors on commercial airlines, if your flight is cancelled or a delay causes you to miss your connection, the odds of you getting on the next flight are significantly reduced. When the future of a company and its employees is dependent upon you arriving on time, business aviation is an important tool.

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