When you fly by private jet, your safety should be the least of your worries. When you charter an aircraft with Exquisite Air Charter you are provided with a safety audit report from third party safety auditing firms. This is an extra service that we provide to our clients because we want you to board your aircraft with the peace of mind that you are boarding the most airworthy aircraft, flown by the most qualified pilots – each and every time you fly!
The report that you receive assures you that you are matched with the perfect aircraft to suit your individual needs. The report that you receive will emphasize upon the age of the aircraft, progressive maintenance on your private jet, modern avionics, proven safety devices and pilot training and experience.
Exquisite Air Charter has standards that exceed even the toughest third-party auditing firms. These standards include:

  • Current Flight Safety Training
  • Current Medical Card issued by an FAA approved medical examiner
  • Pilots have attended recurrent ground simulator training for the specific type of aircraft to be flown within the past 12 months
  • Aircraft has had all inspections performed at an FAA approved facility and all inspections are up to date
  • Aircraft, interior and exterior, must have been recently refurbished
  • Aircraft are required to carry a minumum of $100 million in liability insurance
    Exquisite Air Charter doesn’t just provide you with the comfort of knowing that you are flying in the best aircraft, flown by well-trained, highly experienced crew member – we also provide a level of service that our competitors don’t.
    Our private jet charter coordinators ensure that all amenities are available to our clients.  Our aircraft are equipped with amenities such as top of the line entertainment systems, flight phones, gourmet catering, fine wines and more!  We guarantee your experience to be hassle-free and luxurious every time your aircraft charter is booked with our private jet specialists.

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