cc-magazine1 Charter A Jet

May 2008: Let aviation professionals get you to this year’s destination.  Private aircraft charter has access to more than

5,300 airports in United States, compared to the 558 served by large airlines, according to Rena Davenport…   Read Entire Article


general-aviation-news Angel Wing Flights Announces First Mission

October 2008: Angel Wing Flights was founded by the owner of Exquisite Air Charter, Rena Davenport.  She realized the need to non-ambulatory patients, requiring medical transport, with medical staff through her career in business aviation…   Read Entire Article


Aircraft Charter Magazine Angel Wing Flights Announces Their First Successful Mission

November 2008: Angel Wing Flights is a charitable organization that raises money for air ambulance flights.  Angel Wing Flights was founded by the owner of Exquisite Air Charter…  Read Entire Article


cc-magazine1 Flying Standby With A Wing and a Prayer

November 2008: An extension of Exquisite Air Charter, a charter airplane corporation, the philanthropic outfit is

dedicated to facilitating medical related flights to those in need.  It aims to “insure that no man, woman or child…  Read Entire Article



An Angel Takes Flight

February 2009: After a decade-long romance, a New Mexico couple decided to travel to Las Vegas to make a lasting

commitment. However, less than 48 hours after the couple’s wedding, the groom went into cardiac arrest and was

rushed to the intensive-care unit of a Las Vegas hospital. Once well enough to travel, the groom needed to be

transported back to his home state. But the expense of such a flight, which would also require a skilled medical team

on board, overwhelmed his new wife. For help, she turned to Rena Davenport, founder and board president of Angel Wing Flights, an extension of Exquisite Air Charter…   Read Entire Article

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