Happy Thanksgiving!

Please allow me to first apologize for not keeping up on this blog.  I promise to do a better job.  Exquisite Air Charter has been growing so much over the past six months that sometimes you forget about some of your goals.  This blog site was originally created to allow our customers and potential customers to have an insight into who we are as a company and to utilize this blog for resources, entertainment and so much more.  In addition to this blog site and our Private Jet Charter Site (Exquisite Air Charter) we have also developed a forum for the Private Jet Charter customer.  The forum can be found at PrivateJetConnections.com.  I hope you enjoy the family of sites that we have created to make all of your charter flights the best available…. afterall, that’s what we are the best at!

For those of you who don’t know, Exquisite Air Charter also runs a charity – Angel Wing Flights.  Within the past few months we have had the opportunity to reach out to the Vikings who then paid for an older player of theirs to return to Northern California (from Minnesota) to spend his last few days with his family.  It was great to be a part of bringing him home but,  sadly, he only lived a few days once he got to Northern California.  His dying wish was to die with his family and we were able to be a part of granting that wish.  That is one of the many things we are grateful for this year.  We are grateful that we have survived another year in this economy.  We hear so many stories about competitors of ours falling victim to the economy and closing their doors.  We hear about companies falsifying documents (serious documents) and actually operating without an FAA certificate to do so (and guess what? that also means no insurance).  We urge you to make sure that you are chartering with someone reputable.  If your charter flights are arranged with Exquisite Air Charter we provide you with documents showing everything.

OK – time to go start preparing for the holiday!  I have so much to be thankful for.

Until tomorrow – yes! I said tomorrow!  I’m going to be better at this blogging thing!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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