Christmas Lights Anyone?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  You are probably still full and now it is time to hang the Christmas lights.  We are about to do the same.  What a task!  It’ll be fun and definitely more family time – that’s always a good thing!  I suppose we have it easy since we are forced to use a fake Christmas tree to prevent fires.  Our cats like to climb trees and a real one is a big fire hazard and water spills everywhere (all over the gifts) so we have resigned to accept the fake one and just buy other scented items trying to compensate for that lovely fresh Christmas Tree scent.

Believe it or not – today isn’t too busy of a day of private jet charter for Exquisite Air Charter.  Saturday and Sunday are our busy days.  It’s great to get family to and from their loved ones for the holidays and, of course, we love being busy!

Well, I kept my word and I blogged again today.  I realize I didn’t say anything too interesting.  I kept it short and sweet but check back tomorrow.  I am working on a great (and informative) post.

Have a wonderful day with you family and don’t forget to hang the lights!

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