Aircraft Charter F.A.Q.’s

Are aircraft charter flights cheaper than commercial flights?

No.  Aircraft charter flights offer the entire aircraft; not just a seat on board a plane.  You make the schedule, not follow the airlines’ schedules.  If you are looking for just a seat – visit Private Jet Connections to learn more about interacting with others who are also looking to share a private jet.

What are the benefits of utilizing the service of an aircraft charter flights broker?

We have industry expertise, experience and resources to scour the entire market place to ensure you the safest, most cost-effective aircraft for each of your individual itineraries.  Our professionals are trained to handle any and all details and exhaust every safety measure associated with your aircraft charter flight.

What types of individuals or groups should consider a private aircraft charter flight?

Corporations or individuals who want to improve productivity, have the ability to conduct confidential meetings without losing precious time while in the air, make private calls and have access to internet, faxes and phones while flying.  Corporations or individuals who need to access an airport that commercial carriers don’t service and corporations or individuals who want to follow their schedule – not sit in commercial terminals waiting for a flight.  Did you know aircraft charter flights save an average of four hours travel time and eight hours of productivity time on each trip?  Only aircraft charter flights will allow a person to visit more than one location in a single business day and still make it home in time for dinner.

How do I know what type of aircraft I need for my trip?

With over 1,700 different charter aircraft available to sue from our data bases – the choices are many!  Your personal flight representative will assist you in determining this based on the number of passengers you will have, the distance of your flight, aircraft performance, runway data at the locations you will be departing from and arriving to.  Our professionals have the knowledge to assist you!

What is Exquisite Air Charter’s commitment to safety?

At Exquisite Air Charter, our primary focus is safety and security.  Visit our aircraft charter safety page for more detailed information.

How many airports does Exquisite Air Charter fly to and from?

Exquisite Air Charter can access over 5,000 airports in the U.S. alone.  Commercial airlines only service 550 airports.

How do I make reservations and how much lead-time is required?

Call Exquisite Air Charter, toll-free, at (888) EAC-JETS or EMAIL US with as little as 4 hours notice we can have you in the air.  For large transport charter flights (seating more than 35 passengers), we suggest a few days notice.

Can I access different sizes and types of aircraft?

One of the advantages of Exquisite Air Charter is the flexibility to choose your aircraft type based on each and every individual itinerary.

Are quotations free of charge?

Absolutely!  All quotations are always complimentary and we look forward to preparing one for you.

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