Private Jet Usage Benefits

Private jet usage seems to be getting a bad reputation with all of the auto bailout news.  Exquisite Air Charter is a private jet charter agent and has a significant amount of bias on the subject; however, the benefits of utilizing these luxury private planes is obvious.  There is no denying that flying by private jet to the bailout hearings is simply ridiculous; especially considering the hearings were held in Washington D.C. and there are plenty of commercial flights in and out of such a large airport on a daily basis but when on an extremely tight schedule, and/or needing to get to a more rural area, private jet charter is the most cost effective (especially considering that time is money) option.

The ability to travel from meeting to meeting efficiently and with a tight schedule, while holding high-level meetings en-route, and minimizing lost productivity while away from the office is precisely why large corporations utilize private jets; why President Obama utilizes his own private jet – Air Force One.  As taxpayers, who foot the cost for Air Force One, we know that it provides speed, security and safety, to the most important American during a time in our lives when our economy requires President Obama to be on the move.   While the media seems to enjoy proclaiming private jet usage as the ultimate in wasteful spending, it is often more cost effective to charter a private jet than to fly commercially.  When all factors are taken into account – lost productivity, lodging, meals, etc… – the private jet becomes a true business tool. Unfortunately, the media isn’t interested in that, the close detailed comparison would take too long to report about… it is much easier to join the efforts of bad-mouthing such a valuable industry.

The economic impact that private aviation has on the US economy is an important consideration as well. Billions of dollars of lost revenue, taxes and jobs would damage the economy more than it is already damaged if we don’t stop this nonsense that the media is putting into our heads.  A more careful approach is needed in determining the correct usage of private jets, but I also maintain that stopping use of private aviation altogether will ultimately hinder the recovery process of our economy.

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